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Remember SMOG?
Dense dark smothering choking,
Bits of soot clinging to clothes and hair
Clogging up your nose, your throat.
Remember Smog-masks?
Not if you’re under thirty, you won’t.
They were like the masks worn by medics doing a minor op.
Or like dentists wear to keep from ingesting our germs –
Or is it the other way round – so they don’t contaminate us?
Now there is a constant babble about “air quality” and whether having speed bumps on roads makes the atmosphere better or worse.
(I’m told drivers slow down for the bump and then speed up and so produce more nasty gases and cause more damage to the atmosphere than if the speed bumps were not there.)
It baffles me. You could say I’m totally be-fogged.







Sighs in Summer


Am I the only person who doesn’t like hot weather? I really love it when we get to Autumn and the air is crisp and clear and I come alive again..

Here’s my take on Summer –

The sun beats down from a brazen sky.
The grass is parched the beck is dry.
For the life of me I can’t think why
Folk say “What wonderful weather!”

Lying still you can’t help sweating,
Kiddies wingeing, babies fretting,
Amidst it all, what is the betting

You’ll hear “What wonderful weather!”

Suffocating in the heat,
Nursing sweaty swollen feet,
I dream of rain and snow and sleet
What I’d call wonderful weather!

I cannot think when I am weltering
In pools of sweat, I’m stifled, sweltering
The flies and wasps go helter-skeltering
They think it’s wonderful weather.

It isn’t that I hate the sun,
But burning like a current bun
Cooked too long and overdone
Is hardly my idea of fun
Oh how I hate this weather!cg16d-2