Shimmering Dress


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It quivers and shimmers
It glimmers and shines
That dress on the model
Oh would it were mine!

I know I’d look slimmer
It would make me much trimmer
I’d feel like a winner
I’d look quite divine.

The colours are gorgeous
Shimmering blue
Shading to turquoise
I adore it, don’t you?

The dress of my dreams
That’s how it will stay
I’ve see the price ticket
That’s half a year’s pay!





Pam Ayres – Tribute Verse



Written in response to people who won’t admit that someone like Pam Ayres can merit that title “Poet”.


Is Pam a proper poet?
From what I’ve heard and read,
She isn’t intellectual
Or drunk or mad or dead.

How can she be a poet?
Her verse has sense and rhyme.
And I understand the meaning,
After reading just one time.

She even earns good money
From the poems she’s made so far.
She’s not starving in a garret
A poet? She’s a Star!