Day 9 Concrete Poetry COLD anaphora/epistrophe



Skating on the pond,
WARMLY WRAPPED against the cold.
Tobogganing, faster and faster
piledupatthebottomofthe hill

Snowflakes, snowballs, snowmen
Cold is a sheer delight at seven
The cold might even close the school.
So we have – hooray! – an extra day’s holiday.

At seventy snow has a different meaning.
Colder still
Settling into old bones
With a chill
That extra heating will not stop.

Fear of Falling
of broken bones
hips, shoulders,
of osteoporsis setting in.

At seventy there is so much that you can’t do
Too far to go – in the snow
Don’t want to risk it – in the snow
Might slip in the snow
Might fall in the snow.

Then what would I do?




Poetry Blog Day 2




Giving & Receiving

More Blessed

G         gracefully bestowed
 I           infinitely gentle
V          very heart of a gift
E          ever a pleasing feeling.

R          reaching out
E          eagerly taking hold
C          crumbling the wrapper
E          excitement, waiting anticipating
 I           inspecting the gift
         “Very …nice” you say.
E          excruciating disappointment only half concealed.





So long since i added anything to my blog. Of course the longer I wait, the more guilty I feel and and the less I am inclined to actually do something about it,

Here’s one attempt at a solution: start small. And I really do mean small. Not 1,000 words a day, not even 500 – but from now on, at least 100?  Just a thought what about the days when I don’t even open my blog? Perhaps I should build up a sort of writing “debt” and if I don’t manage 100 words today, try for 200 tomorrow? Or is  that just too complicated?

Something I’ve noticed since I started to have problems with arthritis is that I need to take life in small pieces. The 30-minute rule. (compare the British parliament’s  10-minute rule) My strategy is a bit different: I do various jobs and activities in half-hour sessions. I can spend half an hour in the garden, pulling out weeds or harvesting peas and not feel too shattered at the end. If I try to have a  whole day, or even a whole afternoon working in the garden, I just can’t manage it. So I do my 30 minutes and then spend 30 minutes cleaning the floors or tidying my desk or even writing my blog.

This approach works – for me, at any rate. Even if I don’t get everything finished I do get some of it done, I can look at the small bag of peas or beans that I’ve harvested or the 20 yards of path that I’ve swept and see that I’ve achieved something , however small.

I may never write a million-word epic, but I have written several limericks!

Anyway, how often have you been put off reading something because it was pages and pages of densely-packed prose? I’ve often turned from a long article or story to choose instead a short “filler” a snappy paragraph or a  four-line who knows writing shorter pithier blogs might actually get me more readers,



Pam Ayres – Tribute Verse



Written in response to people who won’t admit that someone like Pam Ayres can merit that title “Poet”.


Is Pam a proper poet?
From what I’ve heard and read,
She isn’t intellectual
Or drunk or mad or dead.

How can she be a poet?
Her verse has sense and rhyme.
And I understand the meaning,
After reading just one time.

She even earns good money
From the poems she’s made so far.
She’s not starving in a garret
A poet? She’s a Star!