Salad Days


If you’ve ever had the problem of catering for five people who come home at different times, like different foods and consume different quantities you will soon realise the importance of the SALAD. Some of my friends would talk of “just a salad” or “throwing together a salad”. Good heavens you don’t throw together what can be a most delightful meal. You assemble it carefully and you can even personalise each plate – one child won’t eat carrots, so he doesn’t have any carrots on his salad, another likes his salad potatoes as they come without dressing or mayonnaise. My attitude is that it is easier to let the have what they want than make a big fuss about non-essentials. My kids didn’t get scurvy and lived to reach adulthood without being excessively under – or over weight, so I must have been doing something right as far as cooking and feeding went.

Yes, a salad is an ideal non-cook meal – you start with some meat – or fish – and add whatever you have around the kitchen or can pick from the garden. Potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, peas, sprouting broccoli. We’ve had all these from our own garden at one time or another and it feels great to pop out and harvest a lettuce or pick a few garden peas to pod on the spot and add to the salad rathet than having to think about buying them when you next go out the shops.

Salad doesn’t have to be restricted to summer. We stil eat salad – though I tend to refer it it as a “cold meal” – into autumn and winter. Without even thinking about it we usually get our five portions of fruit or veg a day as the dieticians reccommend.

All days should be SALAD DAYS!




A poem by a man who knows what side his bread is buttered, that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and lots of other epithets of a similar kind.

My darling I love your sparkling blue eyes,
Your soft rounded hips and your slender white thighs,
But above all the rest I adore your mincepies.

I love you my dearest, oh say you’ll be mine.
Your hands are so soft and your pastry so fine
Your fresh-baked mincepies are quite simply..divine!


Plastic Bags


We’re constantly urged to avoid the used-once-and-discarded plastic bag. My local supermarket encourages shoppers to bring their own bags by giving you extra nectar points for using your own bag. (As opposed to pinching someone else’s?) Seriously, though, I’m all for fewer plastic bags destined for landfill. As long as they keep producing and selling or giving away enough of the blasted things for me to have one when I want to line the kitchen pedal bin. 

But why tell me why do they have small polythene bags on the self-service fruit and veg aisles? These are the most user-unfriendly and  non-recyclable packaging ever invented. It takes me ten minutes to get the damn things open. I sometimes in desperation have to  ask one of the staff to do it for me. Why don’t they use PAPER bags for heaven’s sake? Paper is easy to use and biodegradable. Unlike plastic it can be burnt or re-used – I can think of numerous possible uses for discarded paper, all you can do with plastic is chuck it in the bin so it ends up in landfill.


Not Exactly Gourmet, but some of my Favourite Foods


A Few Of My Favourite Foods

Sugar on pie crusts and custard on crumble,
Aroma of hotpot that makes the tum rumble,
Freshly squeezed orange juice, freshly brewed tea,
These are a few of the foods that please me.

Fish and chips from a paper, well sprinkled with salt,
Not forgetting the pepper and vinegar (malt),
Cheese sarnies with pickle when out on my bike,
These are a few of the foods that I like.

Baked beans on toast is a dish I adore
I’ll eat a whole plateful and come back for more.
Warm soup in the winter, beside a warm fire,
And a big mug of cocoa before we retire