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Vanishing Cream

They come to your doorstep these earnest young folk
To ask “Have you been Saved?” (It isn’t a joke!)
They stand there and argue, they stand there and pray
They’re courteous and charming, but won’t go away!
And always they choose just the worst time of day.
When you’re right in the middle of cooking or baking
And your children are home. From the row that they’re making
They’re trashing the house the foundations are shaking.
You can hear in the bedroom the baby awaking…
Were I more assertive, I’d swear and I’d shout.
But one day by chance I found the way out…
One day I was home. I’d shampooed my hair
And set it in rollers with infinite care.
I spread on a face mask that claimed to cure spots
And pimples and wrinkles and blackheads and blots.
I smeared it on thickly and lay down to rest
As advised on the packet and then – I’ll be blest
If the bell didn’t ring. I went down in my vest
To see who was there. I was most impressed
The lass on my doorstep took one look and fled
At the sight of my face and my hair-rollered head.
I must write to the firm that make this great goo
It gets rid of spots, that claim is quite true
And not only spots, some other pests too!








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