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This was an entry for a poetry competition some time ago to write about what you could do with a broken tea-pot. Here are my suggestions:

You could hurl it at your husband
In a fit of wifely rage
You could plant it up with kitchen herbs,
Parsley, thyme or sage,
You could keep your trinkets in it,
Brooches, rings or owt
Or keep a ball of string in it,
The end poked through the spout.
You could paint it blue and silver
And put it on display
Or use it as a piggy bank
For the proverbial rainy day.
It would make a nice container
For a floral decoration
But the use for an old tea pot
That shows most imagination
Is one most economical,
It will not stretch your purse,
Just take your pot and make it
The subject of a verse!




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