Free Writing


15 minutes free writing – not sure what is meant by this term just keeping on stream of consciousness for 15 minutes. I should be able to do that, the prompt about “three songs that mean the most to you” has to be ignored I can’t think of ONE song let along THREE that mean anything at all to me. Songs and all kinds of mucic are just a form of noise, sound without any form or meaning, a pleasant or unpleasant background to whatever is going on in the rest of the world, the rest of my life.

Sound, noise, words, letters, speech, writing – all ways of conveying meaning, all more or less useful.

Empty your mind – an empty mind a blank sheet of paper, tabla rasa or whatever. I do try to do this consciously in the mornign when I wake up and do a sort of first thing mediation to start off the day. I lie down, relax as much as possible, then envisage my head as a sort of room, a big square space and take a broom to clear it out, sweeping the dust and debris away, leavng a clear space. Sometimes it works. Then I think of my feet as having a sort of tap to drain out all the miseries and bad things, all the tempers and sadnesses, all the frustration and angers I feel and I imgaine then pouring out of my feet and draining away so I have a clear feeling and a nice blank place to start on next day. Then I imagine a funnel with a pipe leading into it and the end of the pipe going into my head. I see all sorts of good things pouring down the funnel into my brain. things like love and peace and joy and caring and happiness and if it is a good day and my imaginative visualisation is workign well I am ready to get up, have a shower, clean my teeth and face the world as it comes at me. Try it, it works, really – or at least it works for me.


Not sure if this exercise/task is supposed to be entered on my blog. Seems to vague and unplanned and also too personal. Will leave it for now and look at The commoms to see what other people have felt about this.



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