Blog Day 8 Flavour. Elegy, Enumeratio


Childhood consolation after falls
A kiss better and a piece of chocolatebaby-eats-chocolate-bunny-boy-eating-big-36685758
Made all right with the world.
The hard solid chunk, a lick, another lick
The chocolate melts in the mouth
The smoothness, a taste I will never forget.
Even now chocolate is a remedy for things gone wrong.
Sit down, have a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuitchocolate-biscuit-black-cup-tea-36539049
And after all life doesn’t seem so bad.
I can see why chocolate is the medicine of choice
In the world of Harry Potter.

Chocolate Counter
Brown chocolate, white chocolate,
Dark chocolate light chocolate,
Mars bars, thoughts of planets, of stars.
Hollow Easter eggs with chocolates hidden inside,
Slices of chocolate oranges, chocolate bunnies and buttons
Fair Trade Divine chocolate makes you feel  good,
Doing your bit for the world’s cocoa farmers
In the midst of chocolate indulgence.



My Muse is Dead
I think she’s dead
I said.
She’s gone away
I’m lost today
No inspiration
No joy, exhilaration
Just a blank
A total dearth of imagination.
What can I do?
I’m asking YOU!




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