Poetry Blog Day 7 – Ballad


The Ballad of Savick Brook

A fair young lass in Lancaster
She bought herself a boat
To sail around the waterways
A jolly life afloat.

The boat was long and narrow
A sleek and slender craft
She aimed to sail from Lancaster
To Preston – she weren’t daft.

She aimed to go past Preston
And cross the Ribble Link
Via River Douglas, Savick Brook.
What if her boat should sink?

She said “I never think of that
I trust my engine’s power
To get me where I need to be.”
Then, at the crucial hour:

The engine started coughing
And spluttering as well.
More fuel would not cure it
The damsel cried “Oh Hell!”

And other choice expressions
Not fit for gentle ears.
If she had been a weepy type
There’d been a flood of tears!

What can she do? Where can she turn?
“Oh help, Mayday,” she cried.
Then she beheld a shapely form
A-swimming on the tide.

“What is this and who are you?”
She asked the creature strange.
“The River God of Douglas
You’ve come within my range.”

“I’ll come aboard and fix your boat
I’m good with engines me,
I was a Royal Engineer
Before I went to sea.”

He climbed aboard all dripping wet
“Let’s see what’s up.” he said.
He tinkered with the engine…and
It was no longer dead.

“Oh thank you.” cried the maiden fair,
“What can I do to show
My gratitute for what you’ve done?”
The God replied “I know..”

“Take me to the nearest pub
There’s one not far from here
Buy me a plate of fish and chips
And several pints of beer.”

Notes: some local references but not many. Once I got going the ballad took over!
The Ribble link allows boats from the Lancaster canal to get to the main canal system via the River Douglas.
This really needs pictures but haven’t time to search for them.




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