Poetry Blog Day 5


Ode to the Millennium Way

See that line on the map?
A footpath? Scorton’s Milennium Way.
A track atop the built-up river bank
Is that all there is to the Millennium Way?
That’s not what I would say
It’s more than a footpath
A lifeline, a link, a safe walking route
Along the brink of a roaring road
Brimming with noisy cars and can’t-care drivers.
Made by the persuasive muscle-power of local people
Driven by their desire to walk in safety.
Seeing the beauty of nature through all the changing seasons
Swallows, kingfishers, swans, ducks, geese.
Wild flowers beside the path, salmon leap in the river.
Cows plod patiently beside the fence.
“How now black bullock?”
The people of the path, many and varied:
A brisk woman walking her dog, a group of hikers,
Old lady with a stick moving with care,
Mothers and children going to school,
Going to shop, going to stop going to explore
And more.
It was a bore before when we hadn’t this boom
No room to walk, nothing to show, no way to go.
Except by cramming the kids into a stinking metal box.
To drive them to a place to play.

Note: Scorton Millennium Way is a footpath built by the local people to mark the Millennium. It is on a raised flood bank beside the River Wyre and is well used by residents and visitors alike.




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