Life is too Short…


No Time to WasteNow that I’m a septugenarian I’ve come to realise that life is too short to do so many things. I don’t just mean thing like learning  to speak Chinese or master the art of making perfect meringues. Those are things I might have done, possibly succeeded in doing and enjoyed but just never got around to,

I’ve decided – and of course I should have decided this years ago – that there simply isn’t enough time left to do everything so from now on I’ll restrict myself to things that are a) necessary – eg feeding, keeping warm, getting a reasonable amount of exercise, keeping healthy b) enjoyable – ie anything that gives me pleasure/satisfaction/a sense of achievement or makes someone else happy.

When I look over the past day or week I find most of my activities fit into one or other of these categories. Simplistic? Probably. But it works – at least it works for me. If that sounds smug – so be it. It’s a poor do if you can’t be smug at 70!





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