The North-South Divide

North South

North South

Is there such a thing? You bet there is! Some of the differences are slight but they are there. Speech patterns for instance. Someone brought up in Lancashire and studying in Yorkshire would,  you’d think, keep the same basic accent even after emigrating to the South of England. Not so. My son now talks like a southerner. He uses the long ‘a’ sound in words like “bath” and “glass” and his children knowing no other usage will follow suit and no doubt think of their gran as “talking funny.”

At one time we lived in Wales and at different times two of our children worked in Scotland. I didn’t develop a Welsh intonation, though it did take me some time to appreciate the local accent. When we first went to South Wales we asked directions from a local man.  He said something in reply , though it sounded more like singing at us. We smiled and thanked him. Then my husband and I looked at each other “What did he say?” We hadn’t a clue.

I noticed too that people seem to talk faster in the south. I don’t know whether it is stress, the pressure of work or just an age thing, but my grandchildren seem to talk about one and a half times as fast as I do. Can we blame it on modern technology? All the i-phones, i-pads, i-pods, lap-tops and tablets seem to devalue the spoken word. I mean why speak to your friend  if you can send him an email or a text, even if he is sitting at the next desk?




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