Bereft – that’s the only word I know to describe how I felt. All the things the that had been there, that I took for granted were suddenly swept away. I couldn’t get at the things I wanted – the information, news, pictures. statistics. It was a crippling blow, a tragedy. 

What was? Yesterday when our phone line and broadband internet went down. 

Made me realise, though, just how much I rely on the web. Even for little trivial things like checking the programmes on the radio or the weather forecast when I’m going out – do I need to wrap up or take waterproofs – how can I tell unless i look at the local weather forecast? I want to find out about, say, places to eat in our nearest large town, or look for Christmas presents for my family. All things I’ve done using the internet without thinking about it. “Address” now is more likely to be an email address than a postal one. 

I’m much too old to count as a “digital native” but I reckon I might apply for naturalisation!


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