Mobile Phone


I have one of these lovely mobile phones from Doro (no,they are not paying me!). It is easy to read, nice big buttons and so simple to operate, even I can use it. I can make and receive phone calls and send and receive texts. And that’s all I want from a phone. I don’t want to use it as a web browser or a Satnav, I don’t want to listen to music on it or watch TV. It’s a phone and that’s what I want. I carry it with me most of the time but rarely use it. I’m on a pay-as-you-go tariff so if it were lost of stolen the lucky finder would have less than £10 worth of calls and a list of half a dozen numbers.

Today I found its one fault. Once you switch it off the only way to switch on again is by trial and error. There is nothing in the instructions leaflet as basic as “How to Switch Your Phone On”. I’d switched it off when I went to the theatre last night. Eventually I discovered you switch the thing on by pressing the “off” key (the little red picture of a phone being put down) and holding it. Silly of me not to think of that! Now I know why I always keep it switched on.

Typical of modern technology, Here’s another instance:

My computer is said to be “smart”,
But logic in this has no part,
You’ll see what I mean
To turn off the machine
You must click on the button marked “start”.


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