Bloody Blogs!


Some thoughts on Blogs and Blogging

  • Why is it all so back-to-front? Posts appear in reverse chronological order. A reply appears before the question. A bit Alice in Wonderland really. Normal writing has the second paragraph after the first. But in a blog if I write something today and add a bit tomorrow it will appear before not after today’s entry. Weird or what?
  • What I’d like is a GLOB a blog that works backwords  or rather in the normal way reading is usually done.  I haven’t the IT skills to create one, so I’ll have to use what is available.
  • Which brings me to the question why am I bothering with a blog at all? I suppose it’s the writer’s urge to find a reader – or ideally many readers. After all some people make a living from writing blogs.
  • Some things I just have to say, even if there’s no one to listen. At least it has been said and I might, if I’m lucky. be able to retrieve my deathless prose from the black hole of the web.Oh well, that’s all folks. It would be nice to have comments on this first rant , but I’m not holding my breath.

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